Get Help With Your Court Appearance

Get Help With Your Court Appearance

Tell us about your probation violation

A probation violation occurs whenever you break the terms of your probation. When this happens, it’s important to know your legal rights in order to avoid or reduce any penalties or consequences.

The Law Office Of Paul Aucoin will provide legal representation when you need to appear in court. We’ll work hard to minimize the consequences of your violation while protecting your rights and fighting for the best possible outcome. We’ll explain the court proceeding and tell you what the judge will expect.

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5 ways to violate a probation order

After a probation violation, the county will file a warrant for your arrest. If you’re in jail, we can work with your family to put together your legal defense.

A probation violation can occur when:

  1. You fail to make a scheduled court appearance
  2. You don’t report to your probation officer
  3. You don’t pay a fine as ordered by the court
  4. You travel out of state without your probation officer’s consent
  5. You commit other crimes or offenses

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