Retain a Lawyer for Your Defense

Retain a Lawyer for Your Defense

Get representation for Medicaid or workers’ comp fraud

When you’re injured on the job or unable to work, you’re entitled to compensation. But if you haven’t been truthful about your condition or circumstances, you could be indicted on fraud charges.

The Law Office Of Paul Aucoin provides legal assistance in cases involving Medicaid and workers’ compensation fraud. Workers’ comp fraud could include:

  • Receiving benefits for a non-existent injury
  • Claiming benefits for an injury that happened outside of work
  • Exaggerating the extent of an injury
  • Failing to disclose a non-work-related injury that contributed to your work-related injury
  • Receiving workers’ comp benefits from more than one employer

These cases get prosecuted in Franklin County Court in Columbus, Ohio because that’s where the attorney general is based.

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It’s important to understand every aspect of your case

If you’re indicted via certified mail, that’s a formal charge that includes an arraignment. We’ll discuss your charges, clarify your expectations and listen to your concerns. Our office will assist you with every step of the process, including the legal paperwork and courtroom appearances.

The retainer we require to assist in these situations is less than the one we need for other criminal cases. Also, we’ll allow you to pay over a period of four to five months.

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