We’ll Protect Your Rights

We’ll Protect Your Rights

Get legal representation for drug violations and weapons charges

If the authorities find drugs in your possession during an unlawful search, you need effective legal representation. The Law Office Of Paul Aucoin takes cases involving drug violations.

If you’re charged with possession, sale, manufacturing or growing, you need to consult a lawyer. Call 614-464-4100 today to speak with with a criminal defense attorney about your case.

Were you acting in self-defense?

A weapons charge refers to any kind of offense that involves a weapon, including use or simple possession. You can be charged with possession of a weapon even if no one gets hurt or threatened. This includes the possession of:

  • Switchblade knives
  • Brass knuckles
  • Short-barrel shotguns

Convicted felons aren’t allowed to possess weapons under state and federal statutes. Use of a weapon can include threats without inflicting an injury. In either situation, you need to know your rights. We’ll help you fight charges that were brought as a result of an unlawful search.

Contact the Law Office Of Paul Aucoin today to speak with an attorney about your weapons charges.